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Gulushu is born from a love of life and Design. With a Bohemian spirit and a rustic heart, our unique handcrafted jewelry and textiles inspires feelings of freedom and personalized language remiscent of an age where quality surpassed quantity. Inccorporating traditional techniques and modern fashion, we hope you can find the Gulushu inside of us.


My name is Mariana Mazón and I was born in the heart of México. My Gulushu journey began with a passion for textile design and a desire to reach back to the rustic. After studying textile design at university I began a career working with costume/wardrobe for major film productions. However my love for jewelry and the rustic life never left me. Drawing inspiration from my heritage, I have sought to add the life of my culture to my art. From the colors of San Miguel de Allende to the fabrics of Oaxaca, Gulushu is born from the love of life, nature, animals and of course the beauty of a simply rustic lifestyle. Today the Gypsy life has recently brought me to my new home, Boston but my heart forever will be in México.


Michelle Lowe-Holder  MLH  SS16

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